E-Commerce Portal

Apr 29, 2024

Scorpion Coatings has launched our e-commerce site.  In effort to make our products more assessable, for those that are busy and struggle to find time during business hours.  The BuyScorpion site easy to navigate and you can go directly to the desired product page from the home screen.


We off incentives to save money when purchasing from the e-commerce site.  Each point earned is a dollar off your next order.  You. may notice that our pricing may look a bit high.  This is done purposefully to offer a layer of protection for our dealers.  Once you create an account, we can set your price to match a dollar amount that you are use to seeing.  Without creating an account, yes, our prices will look a bit high.  We do this to support our existing dealers and push new customers to reach out to our sales team to ask questions about the process.

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