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Apr 29, 2024

A while back the team at Scorpion did a random poll of their favorite trucks!  It really did not surprise me that the Chevy Silverado size came in first.  With that, in our parking lot, you can see multiple Chevy and GMC trucks, and F-350, Gladiators, and and Ram1500. We are a diverse group who happens to like trucks.  Seriously, we are truck bed liner company.


It is only natural that we would feel that a truck bed liner is an essential item for protection.  AND, sense we are also a window film company, you can bet that window film is an equally essential item also.

The point of this is that we are an automotive culture.  Not only the team at Scorpion, but across the United Stand and most of the World, the aftermarket accessories business has become a multi-billion dollar industry.  When we made the e-commerce portal, we wanted to make ordering our products easy for that keep a different schedule or struggle to find free time during typical business hours.  Once you are set up as a dealer, the pricing will change and reflect that of a dealer price. For the shop owners, that are booked through the day, it can be challenging to find time to sit down and think about inventory. But we wanted to add an incentive as well.  We did this in the form of points……points=dollars. Every purchase you make is banked in the form of a points balance.  On your next order, you can use these points for money off.  When redeeming points, 1 point equals $1 off.

Over time, these purchases add up and can save you money.  Our plan is to eventually add marketing options to this as well.  Scorpion Gear, appeal, or marketing banners and posters will be included.  At this time, we are still working out the details this program, but stay tuned as we implement new options.

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