Ease of Operation

Apr 29, 2024

Everyone likes it smooth and easy right?  First off, take your mind out of the gutter and remember that this is an automotive blog.  We tend you keep it fairly clean here.  Although we do get fired up discussing Jeep Wranglers from time to time and might drop a swear word or two. Seriously, I was in the Navy, so a cuss word here or there should be expected.

Back on topic, Smooth and easy….  The Scorpion E-comm website is smooth and easy!  We worked hard to ensure that the products you need are there for you and easy to find.  The Scorpion E-Comm site is broken down into categories for your to ease your search.   No matter which automotive accessory your are looking for, bed liners, window film, ceramics, window film tools, vinyl of PPF kits, we got them categorized for you.

If that isn’t enough, how about some reward points for each order? After creating your account and getting your dealer pricing set, you will begin accruing points with each order your place.  Upon first review, you might think our prices are a bit high by comparison.  We do this on purpose…..and believe me, you are the one that benefits! We do this to encourage a line of communication with our sales team, once this communication starts, your pricing will then be set to the correct level.  Once your pricing is set, you will be much more happy with the cost of accessories.

Oh yeah,  I have failed so far to mention that you can find our Scorpion Pro Epoxy on this site as well.  Wow, how about the versatility of our line of epoxy and how big the decorative flooring market has become.  With both decorative flake and quartz options, your options are endless.  Garage floors, pool decks, entry ways, and just about any other place you could want to make your property unique. ( I for example, with the assistance of my wife, did our dinning room). I can’t tell you how many compliments we have received since this project was completed.

The bottom line, Scorpion has you covered with E-commerce ordering.  Set up an account, and give our products a try.  You won’t be disappointed.

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