Things to Keep Your Ride Looking New

Apr 29, 2024

How about a keeping your car looking new longer?

Does that sound like something you want to do…..protect your investment?  It should and when you don’t have to break the bank in order offer an additional layer of protection to accomplish this, why wouldn’t you? Scorpion Ceramics or CMX offer a perfect barrier between your vehicles paint and the outside harsh elements like, sleet, snow, rain, debris and road grime.  It is thin, invisible and cost effective, but the end result is noticeable!

We have ceramic coatings that offer different levels of protection for different parts of the vehicle.  Some specialize in paint, while others might be for the wheels.  Others could be considered more of waterless spray on shine!

We also have a line that  are for the windshield.

Whatever you drive, the chances are that you like your ride.  ( That doesn’t mean that you are satisfied or that you don’t want a brand new lambo).  BUT… we as Americans are obsessed with our vehicles.  Proof, we spend multi- billions of dollars a year on aftermarket accessories for our rides.  Wheels, tires, sound systems, window film, or ground effects are all common for the “Car Culture”.  Why not put some of those dollars toward protection for the outside?


Scorpion Ceramics offer the latest in technology when it comes to exterior protection.  You can see the entire lineup of CMX products HERE.

At Scorpion, we pride ourselves on protection.   Our entire line of products is built of that theme.  Our products PROTECT!

The long time staple product of the Scorpion Family is the XO2 bed liner system.  Since its inception in the early 90’s, we have come to offer all styles of bed liner methods.  Through it all, XO2 is still the best.  It is the liner that I would spray into my brand new truck.  I would make this same decision every day of the week and twice on Sundays!   I make this choice not out bias for the company I work for, I make it because I have been around the World and seen the numerous applications that it can serve.

Another line of the Scorpion Family is window film.  That’s right…..LIMO Tint!  You want dark film, we got it!  You want film to protect you from the UV rays but not very dark?  We got it!   The growth in the Window Film market over the last several years has been huge.  I attribute this to a couple reasons.  People are paying more attention safety.  Window film offers safety in several forms.  I am not going to go into all that now, click if you want to learn more about safety of film.  Another reason why is that the film companies across the US have done a great job of bringing film to forefront and making it a known commodity.

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