5 Gallons of Vinyl Flattener


5 Gallons of Vinyl Flattener

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Scorpion Vinyl Flattener is a revolutionary product that when added to XO2, hardens the material while reducing the sheen. Scorpion Vinyl Flattener boosts the durability of your application while delivering a custom semi-gloss or matte finish that can be difficult to a achieve with traditional protective coatings. This flattening agent is perfect for applications that require a full strength, non-reflective coating. The biggest advantage of our flattening agent is its ability to increase the hardness of Scorpion XO2 up to 10 points.

– Vinyl Flatteners Increase Shore Hardness up to 10 Points

– Reduces Sheen Giving XO2 a Semi-Gloss/Matte Appearance

– Duplicates the Look and Feel of Polyurea Applications

– Can be Used for Interior or Exterior Applications

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 12 in