Clean, Polish, and Protect Your Vehicle with an All-in-One Car Wash and Sealant Spray from Scorpion! Protect your ride up to 90 days before re-application!

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Scorpion Ceramix RENU is a 3-in-1 Protectant (Rinseless Wash, Detail Spray, Ceramic Coating Sealant) Multi-purpose sealer that coats, restores, and protects multiple surfaces and materials, making coated surfaces easy to maintain while maximizing depth and shine that will last for months. Repels dirt, water, chemicals, bird droppings, brake dust, bug splatter, tar, etc. Once applied makes cleaning as easy as simply rinsing the vehicle off. Coated surfaces are extremely hydrophobic (water-resistant) making this an ideal water repellent. With a quick & easy application – you can apply in half the time it takes to wax!


  • Advanced 3-in-1 Protection – The Scorpion Ceramix CMX-Renu helps clean, seal, and protect your vehicles surface with advanced auto detailing support that’s more effective and easier to use than harsh soaps or thick polish.
  • Spotless, Streak-Free Shine – A simple spray and wipe hybrid wax that’s also a car wax sealant our CMX-Renu creates a high-gloss shine that enhances colour without leaving behind streaks or white residue for a precision look.
  • Professional-Grade Detailing – Ideal for getting that show car quality shine with far less effort, we’ve made auto detailing easier, faster, and more effective on both wet and dry surfaces. Great for home, commercial, or body shop use.
  • Eliminates Dirt and Grime – More than a polish or a sealant our waterless car wash spray helps strip away dirt, grime, and impurities from your vehicle’s surface while restoring the gorgeous colors underneath.
  • Universal Vehicle Surface Use – This detailing spray can be used on a wide range of automobiles, including your car, truck, RV, SUV, motorcycle, or custom-designed vehicle. And because it’s quick and easy to use, you’ll feel like a pro detailer.

Quick, Easy, and Effective

Far easier to use than the old method of washing, polishing, and buffing our 3-in-1 car wash spray gives you all the same effects but allows you to simply spray on, rub in, and wipe off with less effort. This makes it ideal for quick touch ups before a car hits the road.

Long-Lasting Protection

The infused ceramic coating solution creates a water-beading and sheeting effect that can last for months, adding even more value to your car cleaning efforts.

Safe on Surfaces

Compatible with ceramic-coated and non-ceramic coated surfaces, we recommend using a damp microfiber towel to help you lift away dust, dirt, grime, and impurities.

Waterless Spray Design

The best part of this detailing spray is that you don’t need to go through the efforts of breaking out a hose and a bucket. It can be sprayed directly onto your surfaces without any preparation to make it easier to get a showroom shine anytime and anywhere.

Wet or Dry Cleaning

This universal auto detailing spray can be used on wet or dry vehicle surfaces to give you more versatility in your cleaning, waxing, and detailing efforts; all with a streak-free shine.

Advanced Cleaning

Our formula contains advanced soaps, surfactants, and wetting agents that not only lift away dirt but help protect your surface and keep it safely sealed away from further damage. This waterless car wash spray formula helps cut through stuck on dirt, dust, or grime without heavy scrubbing to ensure it’s safer and more effective on surfaces.

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