Marine Maxx Ceramic Coating Spray


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Marine Maxx Multi Ceramic Coating Spray is the latest advancement in technology to keep your pleasure craft looking good, easy to maintain, and water ready by creating a hydrophobic ceramic protection barrier with UV blockers that prevent fade degradation. This multi-use product quickly cleans, seals, and protects while creating a deep and long-lasting shine. Marine Maxx is an easy-to-use SiO2 spray on/rub in/ wipe off product that is effective on a wide range of surfaces. All-purpose Marine Maxx Ceramic Coating can be used on gel coat, paint, metal and stainless steel, plastic, vinyl and glass. It defends against bait stains, bird droppings, grease and food. From the deck to the exterior to the accessories, Marine Maxx Multi can be used on every surface of your boat. The ceramic-infused coating solution creates a water-beading & sheeting effect that will last for months. Maintain your ceramic-coated & non-ceramic coated surfaces, virtually anywhere/ anytime, with Marine Maxx Multi–Purpose Ceramic Coating.