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5 Gallon Black Rubber Crumb

5 Gallon Black Rubber Crumb

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5 Gallon Black Rubber Crumb


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Scorpion Rubber Crumb is a great way to add more texture to XO2 while increasing the square foot coverage of an application. The Rubber Crumb additive is used when a more aggressive non-skid finish is needed, such as, any exterior walking or working surface that will be exposed to the elements. The amount of the Rubber Crumb that is used can be adjusted according to how aggressive the finish needs to be. The Rubber Crumb finish is popular on Utility/Service Bodies, Trailer Floors, Boat Docks, Walkways, Patio’s, Pool Decks, Boat Decks, etc. Rubber Crumb is made from recycled rubber that is ground into small “crumbs” (hence the name Rubber Crumb). Ground rubber is lighter than a sand or quartz mix so it stays suspended in the coating through the application process. Coating additives help so you don’t have to constantly remix your coating to keep it consistent. Our Rubber Crumb is also a “soft” texture additive that provides traction but is not abrasive.

Weight 27 lbs

Dimensions 12 × 12 × 15 in